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About the Developer

HVB’s vision is to expand innovation in the properties we develop. HVB is known for financial strength, advanced planning and perfect execution in all our developments worldwide. Support, professional knowledge, and extensive experience are provide to our customers at every stage of the development process.

Financial Stability

Making sure all of our finances are in a good position before the execution of a project, calls for a solid foundation. This enables our customers to have peace of mind at all stages. The financial strength of the company ensures quality and customer satisfaction.

Advanced Planning

The team of professionals we employ bring the highest qualifications in the industry,  designing the property to exceed expectations in terms of design and practicality.

Perfect Performance

The operational arms of HVB are based on years of work with specialists. The companies we partner with meet our high quality standards and offer extensive capabilities using innovative tools for managing and executing projects.

The HVB Team

Our team’s goal is to lead the field of real-estate development. This has made HVB a leading company in Israel and beyond.
The HVB team maintains high standards of fairness, professionalism and creativity.