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About the Developer

HVB’s vision is primarily to expand innovation and creativity while exceeding expectations in the properties we develop. We are known not only for our financial power, but also the uncompromising product quality we achieve through the advanced planning and flawless execution of every one of our developments, globally. We combine cutting-edge techniques and extensive practical experience with the quality support and professional knowledge offered to our customers at every stage of the development process.

Financial Stability

The significant financial strength of the company guarantees not only quality but security and customer satisfaction as well. Ensuring that all our finances are in a healthy position before the execution of a project provides a solid foundation for the efficiency and effectiveness HvB is renowned for. This affords our customers peace of mind in every phase of our projects.

Advanced Planning

As a company, we pride ourselves in the professionals we employ. Our teams bring the highest qualifications in the development industry, designing and constructing properties with finesse to exceed all expectations in terms of both ingenuity and practicality. Every blueprint and schematic is analyzed at length by a varied team of experts long before construction begins — this allows us to deliver the seamless execution that consistently carries our projects to completion
without mistakes or delays.

Impeccable Performance

The operational divisions of HVB are based on many years of work with trusted, industry-leading specialists in the fields of finance, design, architecture, and construction. We only partner with companies and experts who meet our five-star quality standards and offer comprehensive skill-sets and innovative tools required to manage and realize HVB’s compelling and ambitious development visions.


If you’re interested in learning more about our company or our projects, please do not hesitate to ask — we are always available to provide any and all information necessary to give our clients confidence, security, and peace of mind. We love our projects, and we’re confident you will, as well. Simply use our live chat app on the lower right corner of the website, or contact us by telephone or our contact form.

The HVB Team

Our team’s goal is to lead the field of real-estate development. This has made HVB a leading company in Israel and beyond.
The HVB team maintains high standards of fairness, professionalism and creativity.